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Fogo Island Newfoundland

In the summer of 2022 I had the honour of being the artist 
in residence in Tilting, on Fogo Island Newfoundland Canada.
the work below are all in acrylic paint. The first row are 
of the environment of Tilting, and represent the history of
cod fishery which had come to an end after 300 years of
Fogo Island's culture and only industry. They were all made
en plein air
The second row, are something that grabbed me in the last
few days of my residency. the very rocks I had to climb over
to get to a painting site. seeing them close up as I had their
beauty coming from millions of years of having glaciers roll 
around. This series is an expression of a close up view of them.

Fogo Island Fishery

Fogo Rocks

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